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UPDATE: April 2018

Great news! We’ve made some updates to EyeQuant’s Regions of Interest to make the results more strong and stable.

In some cases, small changes to the size of a region had large effects on the region’s value. We’ve now made some adjustments to our algorithm that makes the region values more robust to small changes, so you will no longer see unusual large jumps in the ROI value when adjusting the size of a region.

What you’ll notice

  • As you place and adjust new regions on a design, the area value (percentage) will be more stabilized
  • These changes will only impact new analyses, and will not impact existing analyses, which means existing Regions of Interest values will not be impacted; previously placed regions will remain unchanged

Any questions or want to learn more?   Let us know!

UPDATE: August 2017

  • New Feature! On the bottom of the results page you can now scroll through the analyses within the same project. Easily navigate through the analyses within a project and click any thumbnail image to view the results of the analysis.  The result you're viewing currently will be highlighted in blue.  Analyses to the right were completed previously, and analyses to the left were completed after the current analysis. Click on the left/right arrows to scroll through the thumbnails.

  • Navigation was just made easier!  On the results page of an analysis, you can now easily navigate to its respective project folder by clicking the project name in the results page heading.  Clicking this link will bring you to that particular project on the dashboard, and more specifically to the analysis' particular location within the project (i.e. Browser extension Project, page 2).

  • Bug Fix: Edit Region feature in Regions of Interest is now working properly.  You can now change the name of each region by clicking on the region when you see the cursor.  The editable text will be highlighted and you can either type directly to replace all highlighted text, or place your cursor within the text to change only a portion.
  • New Feature! The Clarity Map is now available on the (read-only) Shared Results Page.  If you send a share link to someone, they can view the Clarity Map under the Design Metrics Tab.

July 2017

  • A lot of new content was added to our FAQ section!  Take a look!  This should make it easier to find information about our product, app features, etc.
  • Our Help Section just got a small make-over!  It should now be easier to find useful articles, and new content has been added for better understanding of the tool.
  • We have a new onboarding process!  If you'd like to take advantage of this free service,  send us an email!

June 2017

A new video tutorial has been added to the EyeQuant help pages called, "Analyzing Emails".  This tutorial will walk you through using EyeQuant to analyze email campaigns for marketing purposes.

Click here to jump to the tutorials page.

May 2017

A new video tutorial has been added to the EyeQuant help pages called, "Uploading a Design".  This is the first video of a planned series to help you navigate through the app.

Click here to jump to the tutorials page.

February 2017

The   EyeQuant Browser Extension for Chrome is here!  The extension lets you instantly analyze any page you're currently viewing in your browser 'on the go'.  This gives you 100% control over the screenshot you'd like to see results for.  (Note that this is currently only available for Google Chrome browsers.)  Want a personal tour?  Message us!

January 2017

  • Regions of Interest Update
    • Add and modify regions in Comparison View (like the Single Analysis view)
    • Region name & visibility percentage are now simultaneously visible
    • Color spectrum added for regions:
      • Bright Green: Most Visible
      • Light Green: Visible
      • White/Grey: Moderately Visible
      • Light Red: Less Visible
      • Dark Red: Least Visible
  • Full-size screen option is now available from the single analysis view
  • Copy updated for New / Engaged Visitor models
  • Clarity Map is back!
  • Download Individual Maps: Perception Map, Attention Map, Hot Spots, and Clarity Map
  • Select multiple screenshots in project folders (including 'one-off analyses') by holding shift key while selecting
  • Re-order screenshots in compare view

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