Simulating Mobile Devices from your Browser for the Chrome Extension

If you want to use the EyeQuant Browser Extension to test mobile or tablet pages, follow these instructions to simulate different devices before running the extension.  

Chrome Browser Instructions

  1. From the settings and tools menu, select More Tools
  2. From the More Tools menu, select Developer Tools
  3. From Developer Tools, select the mobile icon (the page screen should change immediately)
  4. From the menu above the resized page, select which mobile or tablet model you wish to analyze

  5. Once the correct size is selected, refresh the screen
  6. Chrome will automatically re-size your design to fit to window. To maximize the resolution you'll want to change the screen size to 100%.
  7. From your extension bar, select EyeQuant Photon
  8. From Photon drop menu, click Analyze (without selecting a size option)

Alright, you're all set!  Message us if you have any questions!

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