EyeQuant Training

Want to take part in a training session?  Send us a  message!

Training usually takes about an hour, and includes a comprehensive overview of the app and all it's features.  We can also provide actionable recommendations and tips for using EyeQuant based on your specific projects.  We want you to get the most value from the tool, so before we set up the training, we should schedule a quick call to chat about how EyeQuant will work best for you.

A couple more things:

  • We want anyone who has access to EyeQuant to find the most value from it.  That means everyone is eligible for a training session!
  • If you've been using EyeQuant for a while already and don't need a complete tour of the app, that's ok!  Just ask for a refresher session!  We'll go through EyeQuant's new features, and concentrate on specific insights and recommendations.
  • If you want specific help for a project you're working on, all you have to do is ask!

We're looking forward to working with you!

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