When to Use EyeQuant

EyeQuant can provide insight and objectivity in various use cases.  Here's an example roadmap for how EyeQuant can improve any design or conversion process:

While following the roadmap above, try asking the following questions:

  • Is the design leveraging attention?
  • How do similar pages in that industry perform?
  • How can the design be improved?
  • How do small changes affect attention?
  • Are users eyes’ automatically directed to key content?
  • Is the design too cluttered?
  • Is the design too calm, or too stimulating?

Here are some different ways you can utilize EyeQuant.

A/B Testing

If your job is to improve the performance of a website, especially through A/B testing, than EyeQuant can help you gain valuable visual design insight.  For example, the EyeQuant results can help you find distractions present on a design which might be hurting conversion.  Additionally, the Attention Heat Map can indicate which content on the page is most visible, thus providing the most compelling opportunities for A/B testing.

These insights can help you identify opportunities for A/B tests. They can also validate an existing test hypothesis, which will help you prioritize your backlog of test ideas.


One really successful way to get a lot of value from EyeQuant is by analyzing designs that aren’t live yet.  By evaluating, comparing, and iterating on mockups before they enter development, you can significantly improve the quality of new designs and test variants.  This means higher conversion rates in general, but it also reduces the risk of shipping an underperforming design.

Making Hypotheses

By studying the results you get from an EyeQuant analysis, you can quickly identify problematic areas in a design.  Before you even being making iterations, you can target content and design elements which clearly need more or less visibility based on your objectives.

Communicating Design Decisions

Making collaborative design decisions can sometimes be tough.  And, trying to effectively communicate the reason behind certain changes can be a big headache.  By using the visual data from EyeQuant, it's incredibly easy to keep conversations on track, and show the reasoning behind changing a specific button color, or altering the location of specific content.  For example, EyeQuant can validate the visibility differences between iterations in quantitative data (i.e. design element option "A" is 3x more visible than option "B").

Generate Leads

EyeQuant's maps and scores can help you to generate leads!  Since no technical integration is required, EyeQuant results can easily be included as part of an initial design audit for your clients.  The results can help you communicate which areas on clients' websites could be improved to generate quick wins.

...And More!

There's many more ways that EyeQuant can bring a lot of value to your current processes.  To name a few more: email marketing, banner ads, website redesigns, usability improvement, user interfaces, etc.  To get the most from this tool, reach out to us to discuss how EyeQuant will be the best fit for you and your team.

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